Power Flushing

Why do we need clean systems and why power flushing?

With water running through your boiler, pipe work and mild steel radiators combined with air then you have all the ingredients for corrosion.

Over time heating systems experience poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up. The result of these factors is increased bills for your gas and a greater chance of a boiler breakdown.

The cost of ‘power flushing’ starts from £299.00 plus vat this includes the cost of hiring the apparatus, additives including inhibitor and the labour usually 5 hours but longer for larger systems (Please note that power flushes will not remove blockages ) and depends on the type of system you own. The above cost is for a house with six radiators.

Once clean why not keep it clean with a ‘Magnabooster’ filtration system it comes with a 20 year guarantee and cost £199.00 plus vat, fitted. When ordered with a power flush you receive a £40.00 reduction making only £159.00 plus vat

Manufacturers will invalidate any guarantee and it will be a costly experience. Keeping the water clean will make the system quieter, more efficient, there will be less maintenance required to your central heating system, pumps, valves and all parts of the system will last longer just to mention some of the advantages. This is included in any installation we carry out.

For a free estimate please let us know the type of system you own, the age (estimate), number of radiators call 01227 770510 or visit our showroom.